Rob Hackett Studio Arts Major


Major(s): Studio Arts

Minors/Certificates: Economics

Year: Senior

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why did I come to Pitt? I wanted to attend a larger university that was located in an urban environment, so Pitt was the perfect fit.

Was Studio Arts my initial plan for a major? No, I was originally a Chemistry major.  I wanted to do bio-chemistry research for prosthetic hearts.

How did I become interested in art?  I always liked to sketch in high school so I took Foundation Drawing my freshman year of college. The class made me look at art making in a very different way and I was hooked after that.

What media do I work in most? How did this interest develop?  I work primarily in Sculpture and Printmaking. These interests developed simultaneously because I am drawn to very process oriented artwork. My sculpture work impacts my printmaking and vice versa.

What does the Studio Arts Department and/or a liberal arts environment offer me that is unique? The Studio Arts Department offers an amazingly tight knit group of students that are supportive of each other's work, as well as an amazing faculty that is alway there to help the students wherever their research might take them.

What am I currently working on?  I am working on the next step in my series of works dealing with spacial reasoning. This current stage involves creating new techniques for mixed media prints.

Any undergraduate teaching or research activity/fellowships as an undergraduate? Teaching assistant for Lenore Thomas for Etching and Screenprint.